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    RNO Foce del fiume Platani - Eraclea Minoa - Torre Salsa - Scala dei Turchi



    RNO Foce del fiume Platani

    The mouth of the river Platani is a place of great naturalistic beauty dominated by Capo Bianco cliff. It represents the first staging area for several migratory birds coming from Africa and, thanks to the diversification of the environments, it offers shelter to a luxuriant and variegated flora and, as a consequence, to a rich and heterogeneous avifauna. The reserve includes the final stretch of the river Platani (which, before flowing into the sea, forms a large bend) and the long sandy stretch of Borgo Bonsignore, bordered by a bar of low dunes..


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    Eraclea Minoa beach

    Eraclea Minoa is part of the town of Cattolica Eraclea and it's located near the river Platani. The area today called Capo Bianco by a white marl hill that looms over the sea nearby. It is easy to reach, after the junction for Borgo Bonsignore just following the signs on. In the beautiful beach of Eraclea Minoa many tourists spread the precious green clay, considered by experts the finest clay, which would have beneficial effects. Spreads over the body and face to beautify the skin, excellent for acne, but also, for inflammation, broken bones, wound healing..


    Torre Salsa beach

    The coast of Torre Salsa is a strip of Eden on Agrigento coastline, an uncontaminated environment that plays host to an extraordinary diversity of vegetation and fauna. The dunes constitute a special environment. A real link between the water and the earth; a remarkable vegetation flourishes on the finest golden sand, which stabilises the sandy mass and embellishes it with flowers, such as the rare perfumed snow white sea lily. The reserve offers magnificent places from which it is still possible to enjoy the sight of immense and uncontaminated panoramas..


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    Scala dei Turchi beach "The Turkish Steps”

    Along the shoreline in the area of Realmonte you can find one of the most attractive places on the Agrigentian coast: “The Turkish Steps”. A dazzling white cliff, which the wind and rain have shaped into a marvellous natural stairway, springs vertically from a turquoise sea. It’s a truly unforgettable sight for those who travel to this spot and stop to admire the enchanting panorama that you can enjoy from  the top of  the Steps. Here tourists can plunge into the blue-green water, and often, drawn by this miracle of nature, climb back up to the top of the steps, from  whence they can admire the coastline of Agrigento.



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    RNO Foce del fiume Platani - Eraclea Minoa - Torre Salsa - Scala dei Turchi